XORN is a 3D isometric fighting game in which you have to kill ennemies before they kills you.

The only constraint ? The map is falling into pieces because of a huge storm.

Collect coins to repair the floor before you runs out of space.

This game was developped in less than 3 days by a passionated team of four persons:

  • Thibault Arloing as Lead Gameplay Programmer, Integrator and Sound Designer
  • Yann Dubois as Lead AI Programmer, Gameplay Programmer and Integrator
  • Thibaud Colin as Lead Game Artist and Lead Animator
  • Alexandre Harbuzinski as Lead Game Designer, UI Designer/Animator and VFX Artist

All FX sound were made by our voices or objects found in our environnment.


XornWindows.zip 24 MB
XornOSX.zip 29 MB
XornLinux.zip 46 MB


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Probably want to take the "Press any key to start" out of the banner.


Done, Thanks :)